My Story

Hi and thank you for taking the time to read my story. I am blessed with three beautiful children.  A teenager and two toddlers. I was a candle fanatic. However with my little ones around it was hard and unsafe to have them on all day. My kids would blow them out constantly. It became a mission to even have my candles lit. A friend who was a consultant with Scentsy allowed me to borrow her warmer for some days and my family and I were hooked on how safe the warmers are and the many fragrances available. I decided to join just  to order for myself.  Well before I knew it my family and I were in love,my business took off and my children love helping me when I do parties and receiving my shipments to help sort. Again, thank you for taking the time in checking out my website and reading my story.

Lisette Salas &Family   Until then, Read the Scentsy Story!<!--endbody-->